KLM under fire over breastfeeding tweet

KLM boeing 787
A Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the KLM livery (Rendering: KLM)A Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the KLM livery (Rendering: KLM)

KLM is under fire over a recent tweet about the company's breastfeeding policy. According to the airline's policy, mothers are allowed to breastfeed their baby on board a flight, but can be asked to cover up if other passengers take offense. The tweet led to hundreds of predominantly negative reactions.

In response to a question about its breastfeeding policy, KLM tweeted: "Breastfeeding is permitted at KLM flights. However, to ensure that a our passengers of all backgrounds feel comfortable on board, we may request a mother to cover herself while breastfeeding, should other passengers be offended by this."

The tweet led to dozens of annoyed and outraged responses. One Twitter user pointed out that 100 percent of KLM"s passengers have a background of being born to a woman and needing to be fed. Multiple people suggested that KLM cover people offended by breastfeeding with a large blanket, so that other passengers don't have to look at them. 

"Maybe the people who feel offended could go and sit in the toilets while the mother feeds her baby", another Twitter user suggested. "It would give them a feel for what many women have been asked to do when feeding in the past."

"'Permitted'? What century is this?" another wanted to know. And: "If another passenger chews with their mouth open, would you ask them to put a blanket over their head as it's offensive to me?"


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