Dutch boy, 12, slips past Heathrow airport security, boards plane to Los Angeles

British Airways planes at Heathrow Airport
British Airways planes at Heathrow AirportPhoto: tupungato/DepositPhotos

A 12-year-old Dutch boy with no ticket and no boarding pass managed to board a British Airways plane to Los Angeles at Heathrow Airport in London on Sunday afternoon. He was caught out shortly before the plane took off, when a stewardess asked to see his ticket so she could show him to his seat, The Telegraph reports.

The boy refused to leave the plane and the police were called. They took him away for questioning. The police are now investigating how the child managed to slip through the strict security at the London Airport. It is believed that the boy, who was traveling without his parents, arrived at the airport on a different flight as a transit passenger and wanted to see how far he could get before being challenged, a spokesperson for the police said to The Telegraph. 

All other passengers were asked to leave the British Airways plane and had to go through security again as a precaution. The flight eventually left after a delay of over four hours. One of the passengers described the situation as "chaotic" and "very frustrating" to the newspaper.