Max the most popular dog name in NL; Simba for cats

German Shepard dog and a ginger cat
German Shepard dog and a ginger catPhoto: pyotr021/DepositPhotos

For the fourth year in a row, Max was the most popular name for a dog in the Netherlands last year. Simba was the most popular name for a cat, according to an annual overview by pet insurer Reaal Dier & Zorg. 

The only new name in the dogs' top five is Lola in fifth place, according to. Second place went to Bella, third to Pip and fourth to Bo. Bailey dropped off the top 5. 

Among the kitties, there was more of a shift. Luna, last year's favorite, disappeared from the top 5, and Simba is new to the list. Second place went to Nala, third to Bella, fourth to Pip, and fifth to Milo. First and second place on the cats' list went to characters from Disney movie The Lion King, possibly prompted by a remake set to come out this month. 

Reaal Dier & Zorg's ranking is based on an analysis of the over 120 thousand pets insured with them, according to 


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