Destinations to start a business for Dutch entrepreneurs (sponsored)

Putting the spotlight on Qatar and Singapore
Putting the spotlight on Qatar and SingaporeImage: Bluehousestudio / DepositPhotos

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Dutch investors seeking to expand their business activities in other jurisdictions can find suitable investment conditions in specific countries. Since the Netherlands is a member state of the European Union, the country’s entrepreneurs can benefit from the advantages offered by other EU member states especially when considering the lack of trade barriers and a means for working cross-border with administrative efficiency.

As an EU citizen, a Dutch business owner has the right to easily expand a business in the EU and this can be applicable even in the case of the sole trader, the simplest way to carry a commercial activity. Furthermore, in the case of corporate structures, Dutch businesspeople can relocate or expand a Dutch company through a subsidiary or a branch office, structures that provide specific tax advantages to EU investors. Under the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive, these advantages apply to the taxation of the company’s income and to the taxation on the transfer of dividends in many situations.

Even though the European Union can be a great business destination, having the advantage of being in the proximity of the company’s founder’s country of origin, other regions of the world can provide other significant advantages.

Benefits of starting a business in Asia

Those who want to expand their businesses on other continents may find attractive opportunities in the Middle East, in countries such as Qatar or the United Arab Emirates. It is recommended to start a company in Qatar, considering that it has one of the richest markets not only in its region, but also at a global level. The country has a friendly investment policy and a set of tax exemptions, such as a full exemption on the taxation of salaries or no import duties for specific types of products. Dutch investors can also obtain a full tax deduction on income tax for a period of up to 10 years.

Moving further to the East, the Asian continent stands as a market suitable for investment purposes, considering that it has a large consumer market - both India and China have a population of 1.3 billion people each. Dutch investors may set up their operations in these countries or they can access these consumer markets by setting up a business in other Asian countries.

For instance, they can choose Singapore, a country that is known for having one of the most developed economies at a global level; it is also the most important market for the registration of a company in the financial sector. Some of the main reasons for opening a company in Singapore are that the country benefits from the third highest income per capita at a global level, it has a very low corruption level and a great infrastructure. The financial stability of the country is also recognized by international credit rating agencies, which have awarded Singapore with the rating “AAA”, the only Asian country that enjoys this credential.