Linesman gets 3 years suspension for knocking out goal keeper

Dutch football association KNVB suspended a 34-year-old linesman from Haarlem football club Geel-Wit for three years for punching an UNO goalkeeper unconscious in March. The suspension is backdated to April 1st. The man may only again join a football club in 2022, a spokesperson for the KNVB confirmed to after reports in Noordhollands Dagblad.

The assault happened during a match between the Haarlem team and UNO from Hoofddorp. Video footage of the incident shows a conflict between the two teams escalating. Several players exchanged blows, or blindsided their rivals, when video suggests the UNO goalkeeper steps in to try and break things up and briefly restrain one of his opponents.

It was at that moment that video shows the suspect running onto the pitch with his signaling flag. He drops the flag, sprints towards the goalkeeper from behind, and delivers a crushing blow with his right hand that sends the keeper straight to the ground. The blow left the keeper with a concussion. 

Geel-Wit already expelled the linesman. He is also facing assault charges and must appear before the police court in August.