Fox’s head stuck in chips bag prompts appeal to stop littering

Fox with head stuck in chips bag, 11 June 2019
Fox with head stuck in chips bag, 11 June 2019Photo: Stichting Dierenambulance Velsen/Facebook

Animal rescuers in Velsen want the public to a better job of safely disposing of their trash. An animal ambulance unit in the Noord-Holland town expressed this on Facebook after they responded to a report of a with its head stuck in an empty bag of Bugles corn chips.

“Our colleague removed the bag from the fox’s head, after which he looked surprised,” the non-profit organization Dierenambulance Velsen said in the post. Reports of animals tied up in trash are relatively common, the group said.

“We want to inform everyone of the dangers of litter with regard to animals,” the group said. “Throw your garbage in a bin,” the group said, and otherwise take your trash with you to safely dispose of it elsewhere.