Worker killed in Amersfoort Zoo accident

A construction worker was killed Tuesday morning in an accident at a parking garage construction site alongside the Amersfoort Zoo. The accident happened just before 10:45 a.m., and photos from the scene published by local news outlets showed an overturned metal staircase at the site of the accident.

No details were released by authorities early Tuesday afternoon. Witnesses told broadcaster RTV Utrecht that the accident involved the installation of the metal staircase.

Local outlet De Stad Amersfoort reported that the person killed was a construction worker. The labor inspectorate was expected to investigate the cause of the accident and the fatality.

Construction of a new garage in partnership with the Zoo was slated to begin last December. It was announced a few months beforehand as part of an Amersfoort city effort to improve access to an area crowded with sports fields, wellness facilities, a center for asylum seekers, restaurants, and the zoo.