Suspects arrested for Dutch deaths in Belgian drug lab

Arrest (Photo: Politie) policeArrest (Photo: Politie)

The Dutch police arrested two men on Tuesday morning in connection with thee deaths in a Belgian drug lab. Three Dutch men were found dead in the drug lab in Hechtel-Eksel in January. Investigation showed that the two suspects, aged 22 and 35 from Eindhoven, may have been involved with the drug lab, the police said in a statement.

On January 29th the police in Eindhoven received an anonymous tip about three people dying at the Hechtel-Eksel address. The Eindhoven police informed their Belgian colleagues, who went to check things out. They found the bodies of three men in a drug lab. According to the police, the three victims worked in the drug lab and were exposed to toxic fumes. They died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The victims, aged 22, 23, and 25, came from Eindhoven and Valkenswaard. "Due to the Brabant connection, the investigation into the other people involved in this drug lab was continued by the Dutch police", the police said.

That investigation led to the 22-year-old and 35-year-old men from Eindhoven. They were arrested, in consultation with the Public Prosecution Service, on Tuesday morning. They are in custody for further investigation. 


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