Escaped wallaby wandering around Winterswijk

Escaped wallaby spotted wandering around Winterswijk, 5 May 2019
Escaped wallaby spotted wandering around Winterswijk, 5 May 2019Photo: Politie Winterswijk/Twitter

The police are looking for the owner of an escaped wallaby that was spotted wandering around Winterswijk on Sunday morning. The local animal ambulance could not manage to catch him. 

Passersby first spotted the wallaby at around 10:00 a.m. At 12:30 p.m. the police sent a message through citizens' notification service Burgernet, asking locals to keep an eye out for the wallaby and for the owner to come forward, according to Omroep Gelderland. 

Olette van der Werf of the Doetinchem/Winterswijk animal ambulance told the broadcaster that the animal proved to be too quick for them. "We almost had him in our net. But we just couldn't catch him", she said. When the animal welfare workers lost sight of the wallaby, they stopped searching. "We also have other things to do and he is now in the outskirts of Winterswijk, but he will probably show up again.