Acrobat falls 2 meters at Rotterdam circus

The audience in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg got quite the shock when an acrobat fell around 2 meters during the opening performance of Circusstad Festival on Wednesday. The woman was taken to hospital, the Telegraaf reports.

"Together with six other female acrobats, she was busy with an act on the so-called Chinese Pole. That is a vertical police of five meters high. The acrobats alternate dance with tricks. The woman missed the pole and fell", Circusstad Festival said, according to the newspaper.

The accident happened just before the break. "The curtain was closed immediately and the show was stopped. An ambulance was also called immediately." There were doctors in the audience, who went to help the acrobat. The woman was taken to hospital with unknown injuries.

"It is a drama, horrible. But on the other hand, it is also the risk of the profession. We hope that the acrobat will recover quickly", the Festival said. 

The festival will continue as planned. On Thursday morning the Circusstad Festival will talk to the Swedish company of acrobats about whether the other acrobats are able to continue with their planned performances. "Her colleagues were shocked too", the Festival said, according to the newspaper.