King's Day to be wet and windy

King's Day 2016 expected to be wet and cold (Photo: @AmsterdamNL/Twitter) orange umbrellasOrange umbrellas (Photo: @AmsterdamNL/Twitter)

The past week's nice weather came to an end just in time for King's Day to be chilly, wet and windy. Those attending King's Day celebrations on Saturday are advised to take a jacket and an umbrella 

Friday will be mostly cloudy with some rain, according to Weeronline. Maximums will range between 16 and 19 degrees, with a weak to moderate wind from the southwest to west.

Saturday morning will start out cloudy with rain showers across the country. The rain may stop late in the morning with some sunshine breaking through, but that won't last long, according to the weather service. Afternoon temperatures will climb no higher than 13 degrees, below the 14 to 17 degrees usual for this time of year. And a strong southwesterly wind will make it feel even colder, bringing ambient temperatures down to around 7 degrees. 

"If you go to one of the many King's Day festivities, warm clothing and a raincoat or poncho are not a luxury", Weeronline said.

While King Willem-Alexander's birthday will be chilly this year, it will not be the coldest King's Day since he took the throne. That record goes to King's Day 2016, when maximums climbed to only 10.7 degrees at the national weather station in De Bilt. King's Day 2017 was also cold at 10.9 degrees. In both those years King's Day was colder than the preceding Christmas.