Hyperloop: travel between Amsterdam, Frankfurt airports in 30 minutes

TU Delft's Hyperloop capsule stands ready for a race in Hawthorne, California, 30 Jan 2017
TU Delft's Hyperloop capsule stands ready for a race in Hawthorne, California, 30 Jan 2017Photo: @tudelft / Twitter

The province of Noord-Holland started a close collaboration with Hardt Hyperloop to realize a hyperloop system between the airports in Amsterdam and Frankfurt. This vacuum tube, high speed transport system will be able to take passengers between those two cities in half an hour. "Then flights are no longer needed", a spokesperson for the province said to the Telegraaf.

Hardt Hyperloop is a young company founded by TU Delft students. The company is working on developing the hyperloop. Theoretically, a hyperloop system can transport people and goods at a speed of 1,000 kilometers per hour.

"This vacuum train is a transport system, the feasibility of which is being investigated between major European airports as an alternative to short distance air traffic. Given the whole climate and noise discussion, we would like to contribute ideas", Noord-Holland deputy Elisabeth Post said to the newspaper. "Noord-Holland wants to support this innovation. We are sympathetic to the initiative."

To start with, the province is contributing 50 thousand euros to help realize a hyperloop system in the province. "At the start of 2020, we will decide on further financial cooperation." In the coming year, it will be investigated which possibilities the hyperloop can offer, which connections are feasible, how they fit into the existing infrastructure, and what the costs involved will be. "The long-term goal is to alleviate Schiphol's increasingly tight capacity and improve the quality of life in its surroundings", Post said.


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