Rotterdam to focus more on discouraging unhealthy diets

The municipality of Rotterdam is working on a Rotterdam Prevention Agreement to encourage Rotterdam residents to live healthier lives. Part of that is discouraging unhealthy diets by countering the opening of more fast food chains, and promoting a more responsible and healthier product range in supermarkets, the office of mayor and aldermen said in response to questions by Leefbaar Rotterdam city councilor Michel van Elck, the Telegraaf reports.

Every year the municipality pushes tens of millions of euros into its program to increase fitness among city residents, but the number of overweight Rotterdam residents is not falling significantly.

"For Rotterdam as a whole, overweight-ness does not decrease and an increase is expected. To achieve more effect, a multiple of this effort is needed or other measures must be taken. These are now being inventoried within the framework of the Rotterdam Prevention Agreement", the office of mayor and aldermen said. "A healthier offer, also in supermarkets, is the policy. As part of the Rotterdam Prevention Agreement, we are focusing on cooperation with supermarket chains."

Advertisements for unhealthy products are already banned in the city. By also guaranteeing a healthier offer, Rotterdam residents will be tempted to rather opt for a responsible snack, is the hope. "A healthy choice must be available, attractive and obvious in places where Rotterdam residents visit every day. An environment that encourages healthy behavior has more impact."



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