Campaign launched to keep tourists out of Dutch tulip fields

Kids in a tulip field
Kids in a tulip fieldPhoto: FamVeldman/DepositPhotos

A campaign is being launched to keep tourists out of the flower fields in the Bollenstreek. Banners, signs, barriers and volunteers must all ensure that tourists don't crush the flowers while trying to take a nice photograph. "Everyone is welcome, but we want it to remain fun for everyone", flower bulb gower and initiator Simon Pennings said to Omroep West.

"I've been growing bulbs for 40 years, but it's actually getting worse", Pennings said to the broadcaster. "They walk across the fields and jump from path to path. That causes damage, they trample the tulips."

Last year signs were also placed in the Bollenstreek to remind tourists that they are not allowed to go into the fields. Despite this, Pennings sustained 10 thousand euros in damage, he said. "I also received other reactions from the region. In some places 300 people walked though a field."

So after consultation with the municipalities involved and the tourism sector, the campaign will be stepped up this year. Banners, signs and barriers will be placed in the fields. And on busy weekend days, volunteers will be used to welcome tourists and direct them to places where they are allowed to take photos.

"We want the tourists in our region", Pennigs said. The tourists provide income, but that should not come at the expense of the bulb growers in the region. "Everyone is welcome, but we want it to remain fun for everyone."


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