Rainy weekend ahead for Netherlands, chance of wet snow next week

A rainy day in Amsterdam
A rainy day in AmsterdamPhoto: sashk0/DepositPhotos

The wet weather of the past few days will last throughout the weekend, though the sun may peek through the clouds from time to time. Next week will start out with "March showers", there is even a chance of a little wet snow, Weerplaza weatherman Raymond Klaassen said to AD.

"The days are staying wet. In addition to rain, there will also be some wet snow or hail here and there", Klaassen said, though he warns snow enthusiasts not to get their hopes up. "The snow will not stay on the ground, it is far too hot for that. So a white landscape, that is not in it. You do not have to get the sled from the shed, you can leave it there."

According to Klaassen, winter showers are not exceptional in March.

Afternoon temperatures will climb to between 8 and 10 degrees on Friday. Saturday will be slightly warmer, with maximums around 11 degrees expected. Sunday will be around 8 degrees.