Screaming man disrupts parliamentary debate

The police had to remove a man from the public gallery in the Tweede Kamer on Wednesday afternoon for disrupting the parliamentary debate. The man tried to start a discussion with State Secretary Raymond Knops of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations by screaming at him from the gallery. The elderly man seemed to be confused and could barely stand on his feet, AD reports.

The incident happened during the general consultation with Kingdom Relations in the plenary room of the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament. While Knops was speaking, the man started shouting at him. Exactly what the man was shouting isn't clear.

SP parliamentarian Ronald van Raak, who was acting as Kamer president on Wednesday, immediately intervened. "I want to ask people in the public gallery not to interfere with the debate", he said.

A clearly distracted Knops tried to get back to what he was saying, but the man shouted something unintelligible at him again. The man got to his feet, but immediately had to grab a chair to stay upright. Once on his feet, he pulled a face at Knops and made an unclear hand gesture, according to the newspaper. 

Van Raak suspended the debate while the police escorted the man out of the Kamer.