Citizens more positive about police than cops themselves

Dutch citizens are generally more positive about the police than the police officers themselves, according to a reputation survey carried ut by the police. The worst score the police received came from police officers themselves on employership and leadership. According to the report, these scores are "deep into the danger zone", reports.

The reputation of the police fell in the eyes of its employees, from 'high-average' in 2015 to 'weak' in 2018. The police officers believe that the reputation problem can mainly be blamed on the organization and managers. Despite this, police officers are still very loyal to their employer. In this area, the police scored "extraordinarily high", according to the report.

The results among employees may have been influenced by last year's collective bargaining negotiations. For months the police unions protested for a better agreement. An agreement was finally reached at the end of October. 

Among citizens the police reputation increased. Citizens say they have great confidence in the police, particularly in emergency situations. Though they are critical when it comes to the visibility of police officers on the street.

Both police officers and citizens said that the assistance in filing a declaration or report is insufficient. They also both believe that the police should be more visible in the neighborhoods and contribute more to a safer society. 

National Police Chief Erik Akerboom said that he is very happy with the increasing trust society has in the police, and he wants to improve the confidence police officers have in their own organization. 

A total of 6,939 people participated in the study - 2,571 citizens and 4,368 police officers.