Peepholes to women's dressing rooms found in Middelburg gyms

The municipality of Middelburg discovered holes in the walls of its gyms De Sprong and De Kruitmolen, which can be used to look into the women's dressing rooms and showers from the referees' room and technical room. The office of mayor and aldermen informed the city council about these peepholes in a memo this week, reports.

The peepholes were first discovered by the manager of De Kruitmolen at the end of January. Investigation revealed that there were also peepholes in the walls of De Sprong. The users of both gyms were informed by the municipality. The holes were closed after police investigation.

The police launched an investigation, but say they have too few leads to get to a perpetrator. According to the police, it is unclear when the holes were made and by whom. The peepholes were so "clumsy and amateurish" that peekers had almost no view of the other rooms. The police also have no indication that the peepholes were used to film women in the dressing rooms or showers, and think that it was not possible to do so.