Arnhem neighborhood shaken by shooting; one hurt

Dutch police at the scene of a crime
Dutch police at the scene of a crimePhoto: twixx/DepositPhotos

A man was injured in a shooting in the Arnhem district of Rijkerswoerd on Monday afternoon. The victim was taken to hospital by helicopter. The police are looking for at least two perpetrators. The incident left local residents shaken, De Gelderland reports.

The shooting happened in the hallway of the victim's home on Corrie Tendeloostraat at around 2:00 p.m., local residents told the newspaper. The perpetrators arrived at the home in a car. One of them got out and the other stayed in the car. Neighbors heard loud shouting and then three shots fired, after which the car sped away.

One neighbor was standing in her garden when she heard screams. "At first I thought it was just a fight. But then I heard three shots and the victim shouting: 'Help I'm dying!'" After the car had sped away, she went to the victim. She found him in the hallway of his home, covered in blood. "He had injuries to his leg and blood on his head. I do not know if he was hit there too. I took towels to stop the bleeding and kept him awake until the trauma helicopter came."

"I heard pang, pang and went straight inside", another neighbor said to the newspaper. "I immediately called [emergency number] 112, but due to the nerves couldn't remember my address anymore."

The police searched the neighborhood for hours, also using sniffer dogs. Schools in the area were told to keep their pupils inside until the situation was safe. The perpetrators are still at large.

At this stage, nothing is known about the motive for the shooting. A neighbor described the victim as "a nice boy at first sight", according to De Gelderlander. "But yes, you can not look inside the head, can you?" she said. "Who knows what he was involved with. You don't just get shot, I think." The victim's girlfriend has a dog grooming salon at the home. Local residents describe her as a friendly woman.