Seven car fires in Nijmegen in one night

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Seven cars went up in flames in different places in Nijmegen over night. All seven cars can be considered lost. The Gelderland city has been plagued by car fires since the start of this year, with dozens of cars being destroyed since January. In all cases the police suspect arson, or haven't ruled arson out, Omroep Gelderland reports.

The fire department first responded to Meijhorst overnight. There a delivery van was on fire. It burnt out completely. A car parked next to the van was also damaged.

A short time later there was a report of fire in a parking lot on Danielsweg. Six cars went up in flames. According to the broadcaster, these were separate fires - not one fire that spread to six cars. The fire department managed to extinguish the fires, but all cars can be considered lost.

The fire department suspects arson, according to the broadcaster. The police are investigating.