Police raid Friesland hotel after false report of hostage situation

A police SWAT team raided a hotel in the Friesland village of Delfstrahuizen on Thursday night after a report about a violent incident. The police initially reported a possible hostage situation, but this later turned out not to be the case, NU.nl reports.

The police responded to the scene in large numbers and closed down the area around the hotel. They searched the hotel and found one person sleeping inside. He had nothing to do with the report.

According to the newspaper, it later turned out that a "disturbed" person made the report. The 35-year-old man was "transferred to the care framework", the police said.

Leeuwarder Courant reports that the man is a construction worker from Bosnia. He and his colleagues are doing a job in the center of Zwolle and are staying at the hotel - Het Tjeukemeer. The man is trying to earn enough to support his wife and child in Bosnia, his colleagues told the newspaper.