Video: Dutch painters go viral with painting song

Singing painters of Zitman & Co
Singing painters of Zitman & CoPhoto: Screenshot / Maria Mulder / YouTube

The painters of Voorschoten painting company Zitman & Co may soon have to trade in their paintbrushes for the stage. For a laugh they recorded a carnival number and posted it on social media, where it was viewed almost 200 thousand times.

"This is unbelievable. The telephone is red-hot", director Wilbur Zitman said to Editie NL. He had been playing with the idea of a painting song for some time. "I told Mario, a painter who is also a singer, and he was immediately enthusiastic." Together Mario and Wilbur wrote 'Jij krijgt die kwast niet meer uit mijn hand', which translates to 'you won't get the brush out of my hand'. It is a cover of the song 'Jij krijgt die lach niet van mijn gezicht' by John de Bever. 

Wilbur then asked the rest of the painters if they wanted to sing with them. "It was completely voluntary and only the men who thought it was a great idea participated. The casual atmosphere is also reflected in the clip I think", he said to the broadcaster. "We are now overloaded with attention. We try to enjoy every moment."

The director promised Mario that if the song is a success, the two will perform together once. "He's going to hold me to it I'm afraid."