Amsterdam ranked 4th best tech city in the world

Amsterdam is the fourth best tech city in the world, according to a ranking by international real estate service provider Savills. The Dutch capital is praised for its inhabitants' high level of knowledge and proficiency in the English language,.

Savills compared 30 large cities with many technology companies on the basis of over 100 merits, ranging from how many days it takes to start a business to the price of a cup of coffee. The cities were scored in 6 categories - business environment, tech environment, city buzz and wellness, talent pool, real estate costs, and mobility. 

According to Savills, Amsterdam is only just below London as the gateway to Europe. "This vibrant global hub benefits from a skilled, English-speaking workforce and scores well across all categories", Savills said. 

New York came first in the ranking, overtaking San Francisco - the home of Silicone Valley. According to Savills, access to a deep talent pool and New York's reputation as a global center of commerce thanks to Wall Street is what makes the city the global leader. San Francisco came in second place, and London in third. Amsterdam is "hot on London's heels", according to the researchers.