Rotterdam a hotspot for speed traps

Speed limit cameras (Picture: Twitter/@Manno_C). (Speed limit cameras (Picture: Twitter/@Manno_C))

The Rotterdam region and the Flevopolder are true hotspots for speed traps, according to app Flitsmeister's top 10 list for the places in the Netherlands where mobile speed cameras were most often mounted in 2018, AD reports.

Flitsmeister is a smartphone app that warn users when they approach a mobile or permanent speed camera. The app does this based on information provided by the users themselves, among other things. Flitsmeister also provides information on traffic jams, accidents and stationary vehicles.

The company compiled a top 10 list of the places where mobile speed traps were most often reported in 2018. There are only three highways on the top 10. According to Flitsmeister, this shows that safety is an important consideration when setting a speed trap, and that the police are not only setting up traps to fill the state treasury. 

Top 10 speed trap list for 2018:

  1. A13 highway between Rotterdam and Rijswijk
  2. N209 in both directions
  3. Maasboulevard in Rotterdam
  4. A4 highway between Schiedam and Delft
  5. Einsteindreef in Utrecht
  6. A8 highway between Amsterdam and Beverwijk
  7. N784 in both directions
  8. Graaf Engelbertlaan in Breda
  9. N302 in both directions
  10. Westerdreef in Lelystad