New app shows Dutch how much their home will flood if a dike breaks

Flooded living room

Water board Rivierenland launched a new app that shows Netherlands residents exactly how much their home would flood if river- or sea dikes break. Those with the app on their phone can point the camera to his or her living space and see if water would come into their home. If this is the case, the app will show in real time how the water flows into the room and how high it will rise, RTL Nieuws reports.

The water board launched the app on Thursday, January 31st - the 24th anniversary of 250 thousand people in the Netherlands being evacuated because the river dikes threatened to break due to extremely high water levels. 

According to the water board, people under the age of 35 can't even imagine that their neighborhood could flood. Evacuations such as the one in 1995 is unthinkable to them. The water board hopes that the app will raise awareness that there is always a risk.