Corendon to transport Boeing 747 on Dutch highway, roads

Corendon to transport a Boeing 747 on Dutch roads from Schiphol to Badhoevedorp
Corendon to transport a Boeing 747 on Dutch roads from Schiphol to BadhoevedorpPhoto: @Corendon_Air/Twitter

Corendon will be transporting a Boeing 747-400 from Schiphol to the Corendon Village Hotel in Badhovedorp from February 5th. During the 5-day-long transport operation, the plane will cross a highway, a provincial road and 17 sea locks, reports. 

KLM retired the Boeing in November last year, after 29 years of service, and sold it to Corendon. After its last commercial flight, it was painted in Corendon's colors and had its engines removed. It's final destination is a spot in the garden of the Corendon Village Hotel.

The 150 ton plane is currently in a hangar at Schiphol. It will leave the airport on a self-driving trailer from a specialized transport company the evening of February 5th. The Boeing will slowly be transported via Zwanenburglaan towards Sloterweg, where it will stay for two days. During the early hours of February 9th, it will cross the A9 highway. The highway will be temporarily closed for the transport. A number of locks will also be closed, and temporary bridges will be built.

If all goes according to plan, the Boeing will arrive at the hotel during the early hours of February 10th. According to Corendon, the plane will have to make 57 traffic movements after crossing the highway to reach its final destination. "We're taking as much account as possible of the time and route of the transport to prevent traffic problems", Corendon said.