No consensus reached on Schiphol growth; moderate expansion advised

Planes at Schiphol Airport
Planes at Schiphol AirportPhoto: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

Stakeholders united in the Schiphol Environmental Council could not reach a consensus on the future growth of the Amsterdam airport. Chairman Hans Alders will therefore send his own advice to Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure - to allow Schiphol 10 thousand additional flights per year up to and including 2023, and to allow moderate growth till 2028, NOS and NRC report.

The Schiphol Environmental Council consists of almost all parties with an interest in Schiphol, including local residents, governments, the aviation sector and other sector organizations. 

The proposal Alders is now making is in line with the wishes of the aviation sector. The delegation of local residents wants to halt growth at the airport until 2023. The delegation told NRC that it is "baffled" by Alders' advice to the Minister. This advise will be officially presented on Wednesday evening.

Schiphol is currently limited to 500 thousand flight movements per year. Alders' advice for moderate growth means that this number will gradually increase to 525 thousand flight movements per year in 2028, according to