Two terror suspects sentenced to up to 3 years in prison

Gavel with lady justice in the background
Gavel with lady justice in the backgroundPhoto: SergPoznanskiy/DepositPhotos

Two men suspected of involvement in terrorism were sentenced to up to 3 years in prison by the court in Rotterdam on Monday. They were convicted for participating in a terrorist organization, reports.

Altaf T., a 30-year-old Iraqi-Swedish man, was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Secan A., a 22-year-old from Vlaardingen, got 30 months, 12 of which conditionally suspended.

The two men were arrested in the center of Rotterdam on Christmas Eve 2017. The police suspected that they wanted to commit an attack in the city on Christmas. But during a hearing in December, it was revealed that the Public Prosecutor was unable to find any evidence of concrete plans for an attack.

The court therefore did not consider it proven that the two men were planning an attack and they were acquitted of that charge. The court did, however, consider it proven that they participated in a terrorist organization. 

The Public Prosecutor demanded four years in prison against the men.