Chance of snow from Thursday

A snow covered bicycle in Amsterdam
A snow covered bicycle in AmsterdamPhoto: nilaya/DepositPhotos

While the winter has been pretty mild so far, colder days are ahead, according to Buienradar. The coming nights will all drop below freezing, and there is even a chance of snow from Thursday, Dennis Wilt of Buienradar said to RTL Nieuws. 

"It's getting colder, with a few nights of frost in a row. And that will probably last for a while", Wilt said. "We'll get frost nationwide." There will also be some ice forming on the canals and lakes, but not thick enough to skate on, he added. 

From Thursday there will winter showers. "Locally it can snow, but hail and wet snow is also possible. If there is a long snowfall, there will be a few centimeters", Wilt said. The north of the country is most likely to see a white landscape, but snow is also possible in other places. 


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