Man on probation gives cops "Get Out of Jail Free" card; It didn't work

Rotterdam man, probation, Get Out of Jail Free
A Get Out Of Jail Free card a man on probation gave police to avoid the slammer. 1 January 2019.. (photo: Politie Rijnmond Oost)

A man on probation was apparently prepared for the possibility of returning to the penitentiary when police had a run-in with him in Rotterdam. Police there say that when the man was brought to the station he presented a Monopoly "Get Out of Jail Free" card, asking if he could use the Chance Card just that one time.

It started Tuesday night when police received a report of a man making threats with weapons, and possibly carrying a firearm. Responding officers quickly determined that was not the case, and determined it was an argument between the man and his ex.

Regardless, police determined the man likely violated his conditional release from incarceration. He was taken into custody.

"Ok, we have to give the man credit for his originality, and had to share a laugh with him," Rotterdam-Oost police said.

Despite this, police still pressed forward and transferred him to a correctional facility.