Dutch spent €70 mil. on fireworks this New Year's

Fireworks in Amsterdam
Fireworks explode over an Amsterdam apartment building. 1 January 2019.Photo: NL Times

People in the Netherlands spent a total of 70 million euros on fireworks this New Year's, 2 million euros more than the previous two years, according to the Dutch Association of Pyrotechnics, ANP reports.

The most money was spent on so-called compound fireworks - linked ornamental fireworks that needs to be lit only once to give a small fireworks show. Firecrackers were the most popular firework this year.

The association is pleased with the turnover. "This year 3 percent more was sold. Last year New Year's Eve fell on a Sunday, and then you miss out on people who quickly want to buy some fireworks. The sales on Monday were very good."


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