Law changes 2019: Law, Safety and Defense

The Dutch government is implementing a number of law changes on January 1st. Below find a summary of changes made in the category Law, Safety and Defense.

From next year the close family members of crime victims can claim compensation for suffered affection damages if their loved one died or sustained permanent injuries. This applies, for example, if a child was hit by a car and sustained a permanent disability. Or if a father is killed in a robbery, leaving his wife and children alone. Only the victim's parents, children or partner are eligible for this compensation, which can range between 12,500 and 20 thousand euros depending on circumstances. 

The Forensic Care Act will be implemented in stages next year. This new law gives the Minister for Legal Protection more possibilities to supervise and improve the quality of forensic care. 

From next year it will be easier for mayors to put drug houses in their municipalities on lockdown. As of January 1st, mayors can order a building closed if objects and substances intended for growing or producing drugs are found inside. Currently this is only possible if hard drugs are found in, delivered to, or sold in a building. More information can be found here.