Humpback whale spotted off Scheveningen coast

A humpback whale was spotted around 2 kilometers off the coast of Scheveningen on Tuesday. This whale has been seen off the Dutch coast multiple times over the past two months, reports.

The whale, affectionately called Jojo, often breaks the surface and regularly sprays water into the air. 

The humpback was first spotted off the coast of Texel on October 14th. In the following weeks, the animal was seen multiple times, including near Scheveningen and Egmond aan Zee. 

According to SOS Dolfijn, there is no reason to be concerned about the presence of the humpback in the North Sea. "In contrast to sperm whales, humpbacks can live in relatively shallow water. They are curious and occasionally swim into ports. It only poses a danger to the animal if humans start hunting it and chasing it on boats", a spokesperson said to the newspaper.