Dutch man arrested in Spain not suspected of terrorism

Catalan police car
Catalan police car. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

A Dutch man arrested in Salou, Spain on Monday was not planning a terrorist attack, but seems to be struggling with mental health problems. 29-year-old Khalid M.'s disorderly behavior had the Catalan police worried, but in the end there was no terrorist threat, ANP reports.

The Dutch man wrote incomprehensible symbols on the mirror of his hotel room in Vilaseca and later stood screaming in front of a police station in Salou. According to newspaper La Vanguardia, he was shouting "incoherent things about his mother". He was arrested while sitting barefoot in his car at a petrol station a few kilos away from the police station on Monday.

According to ANP, the M. is suspected of rowdy and disorderly behavior and not following police instructions. The Spanish police also called in the help of a psychiatrist. M. is not known to be a jihadist, but has been in contact with the Belgian police in the past, the news wire reports.