Cops involved in Almelo cannabis gang: report

Police officer holding a cannabis plant
Police officer holding a cannabis plant. (Photo: Politie)

Two police officers are suspects in a criminal investigation into an organized network involved in large-scale cannabis cultivation and trade in Almelo. They are accused of violating their official confidentiality and belonging to a criminal organization. Both officers have been suspended, ANP reports.

The two cops are among 13 suspects who will appear in court on Tuesday for a pro-forma hearing in this case. Most of them were arrested on September 4th, during a major police action in the Almelo district of Nieuwstraatkwartier, according to RTL Nieuws. During that action, the police searched multiple homes and found three cannabis plantations and large amounts of cash. Another 18 cannabis plantations were dismantled earlier in the year. 

In addition to belonging to a criminal organization, a number of the suspects are also accused of money laundering, illegal weapons possession and aggravated assault.

On Tuesday the Public Prosecutor announced that the authorities have another 36 suspects in their sights in connection with this case.