Netherlands' most wanted criminal wanted to assassinate Prosecutor: report

Riduouan T., currently the most wanted criminal in the Netherlands, considered assassinating prominent Public Prosecutor Koos Plooij, NRC and Het Parool report based on messages T. sent to his suspected partner in crime Richard R., also known as 'Rico de Chilean'.

"Sir, shall (we) put that kk Plooij to sleep", reads one message from an encrypted PGP Blackberry which the Prosecutor believes was used by T. The message was sent on April 17th, 2016. The Dutch authorities gained access to this and thousands of other messages and emails between criminals by seizing the Canadian computer server that was used for this encrypted communication. "Put to sleep" is underworld jargon for murder, according to Het Parool.

According to NRC, T.'s message received this cautious reply: "Haha, Hermano [brother] Sir. Those are real ideas, but no. (...) Wait and see if we can do it differently. We said that to people back then and got a heavy headache!!! Hermano Sir, we do what we have to do. Fuck them, but we have to be sharp and tactical!"

Plooij was not available to comment to the newspapers. He is one of the most prominent prosecutors in the fight against organized crime. In the past he twice had long-term security because of possible murder plans against him. 

The language used in the above mentioned messages is very similar to that in communications about other murders that the judiciary linked to T., according to Het Parool. T. is now lined to dozens of assassinations and attempted assassinations.