Free entry to Amsterdam's Hermitage museum for Amalias and Catharinas on Friday

Princess Amalia

The Hermitage museum in Amsterdam is giving free entry to anyone called Amalia or Catharina on Friday, to celebrate princess Amalia's 15th birthday. Anyone with a similar name like Katja, Kate, Amelia or Amelie can also get in for free. All you need is a valid identity card, the Telegraaf reports.

With this action the museum wants to wish the Netherlands' crown princess a very happy birthday. "King Willem-Alexander was as prince of Oranje patron of the Hermitage Amsterdam. He and Catharina-Amalia are distant descendants of the Russian czarina Catherine the Great", the museum said.

The Hermitage Amsterdam's current exhibition, Classic Beauties, takes visitors through Italy. It is focused on classical sculptures and structures excavated in the 18th century, which inspired many artists. The exhibition features over 60 sculptures, paintings and drawings by 25 leading artists including Pompeo Batoni, Anton Raphael Megs, Angelika Kauffmann, and Giovanni Piranesi. Classing Beauties will be in the Hermitage until January 13th.