Police looking for man injured in snack bar explosion

Fire hose (Photo: Vitaliy Ragulin / Wikimedia Commons). (Fire hose (Photo: Vitaliy Ragulin / Wikimedia Commons))

The police are looking for a man who was injured in an explosion in a snack bar on Parkweg in Schiedam early on Wednesday morning. Witnesses saw a man walking way with burning feet after the blast and a burnt pair of trousers was found, NU.nl reports.

"The man is thus seriously injured", the police said, adding that it is vital that the man immediately goes to a hospital for help.

Emergency services received multiple reports of loud bangs and an explosion at the snack bar at 1:15 a.m. on Wednesday morning. A fire broke out, resulting in 24 homes in the adjacent apartment building being evacuated. The around 50 residents were sheltered in a nearby community center until they could return to their homes at around 5:30 a.m. The snack bar was completely destroyed. 

The police can not yet say whether the man was involved in the explosion. "We are investigating this, but the most important thing is that the man gets medical help", a spokesperson for the police said to the newspaper.