Dozens of raids in Netherlands in EU action against Italian mafia

Dutch police Arrest team
File photo of a Dutch police arrest team (photo: Politie)File photo of a Dutch police arrest team (photo: Politie)

Police and judiciary in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Belgium are raiding countless locations on Wednesday morning in a coordinated action against the Italian 'Ndrangheta, a mafia clan from Calabria that is active throughout Europe. Raids and arrests are currently taking place in the four countries, ANP reports

Dozens of raids are being done in the Netherlands, a spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor said to the news wire. He could give no further information.

This action is the result of an investigation that started in 2016 and is coordinated at a European level. More information will be provided in a press conference at Eurojust in The Hague at noon on Wednesday. 

The 'Ndrangheta is considered to be Italy's most powerful criminal organization, after ousting the Sicilian Cosa Nostra. The mafia clan has tentacles all over the world, including in the Netherlands. 'Ndrangheta leader Santo Vottari was arrested early last year. Among other things, he was wanted for involvement in the murders of six people in the German city of Duisburg over a decade ago. Six Italians were shot dead in front of a pizzeria as a result of a feud between two mafia clans.