Millions invested into promoting cycling in Netherlands

The Dutch provinces, transport regions and municipalities are pushing 245 million euros into getting more people to use their bicycles to get to work. In June State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven of Infrastructure announced that the government is investing 100 million euros into measures to promote cycling, RTL Nieuws reports.

The government aims to convince 200 thousand extra people to use their bicycle for their daily commute. To achieve this, the government is investing into making cycling more attractive.

New bicycle shelters will be built at Amsterdam Central Station, Rotterdam Central Station and in Heerlen, among others. Another 53 existing parking facilities will be expanded. All in all this will yield a total of 25 thousand new bicycle parking spots.

Fifteen new fast cycling paths will also be built across the country. On these paths cyclists can cycle through crossroads and traffic lights unhindered. New paths will be built on the Utrecht - Amersfoort and Assen - Groningen routes, among others, according to the broadcaster.