Decorated Dutch soldier says he was also raped in Afghanistan

War in Syria. Soldier wearing gas mask.
War in Syria. Soldier wearing a gas mask.. ()

Marco Kroon was also raped while on a secret mission in Afghanistan, the decorated soldier said on talk show Pauw on Wednesday, where he talked about his biography Kroongetuige, reports.

Kroon previously told the media that he was kidnapped and assaulted during a secret operation in Afghanistan in 2007. He also said he , but never wanted to say exactly what happened to him. "I still can not get that word out of my mouth", Kroon said on Wednesday. 

The Ministry of Defense investigated and in Afghanistan in 2007. The Ministry eventually for investigation. The Prosecutor f while in Afghanistan. 

In 2009 Kroon was awarded the Miliatary Willems-Orde, the first soldier to receive this award since 1955. The Willems-Orde is the highest military award in the Netherlands.