Over 10,000 kilos of illegal fireworks found stacked in warehouse

Illegal fireworks found in Vijfhuizen warehouse
Some 10,000 kilograms of illegal fireworks were seized in a police operation in Vijfhuizen. 15 Nov. 2018photo: Politie

Police in the Noord-Holland town of Vijfhuizen found over 10,000 kilograms of fireworks stashed in a warehouse on Vijfhuizerdijk. Authorities said they were acting on an anonymous tip when they raided the facility.

The haul of illegal, heavy fireworks was so large, police said they needed two separate trucks to carry all of them away. Many of the fireworks were kept in boxes that identified F4-classification devices. Those are fireworks that are designated for professional use only.

Police arrested four men in connection with the fireworks seizure. All four are from nearby Haarlem, and are aged between 25-45.

A photo of the confiscated material provided by police showed 20-kilogram boxes from Triplex marked "TXB870." These 600-shot explosives are categorized as F4 fireworks, and also marked with a 1.3G label that identifies the contents as comprising of chemicals or larger amounts of flashpowder, a gunpowder substance more dangerous than typical "blackpowder", according to the UK Firework Review.

Some other 20-kilo boxes were labeled as "Cake 150S 1.2" mix", Chinese-made fireworks also with a F4 classification.