Dutch man prosecuted for wife's death on sail trip

Peter P., 63 from Heino, will be prosecuted for the death of his 54-year-old wife Durdana. She was found dead on a sailboat off the coast of Colombia on September 19th, 2015. P. claims that he and his wife were attacked by masked men, but the judiciary thinks he killed her himself, AD reports.

The Public Prosecutor recently made arrangements with the Colombian authorities about prosecuting P. in the Netherlands. The Dutch and Colombian authorities have been working together on this case since the start. Delegations of the Dutch police visited Colombia twice to speak to witnesses and do a forensic investigation on the ship.

P.'s lawyer was informed about the Prosecutor's decision.

P. and his wife spent three years sailing around the world on their boat the Lazy Duck before Durdana was found dead. P. was immediately regarded as a suspect by both the Dutch and Colombian authorities. An autopsy done in Columbia showed that Durdana was killed by force and suffocation.