Pirates kill Dutch woman in Colombia sail boat robbery

Cartagena, Colombia (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Norma Gòmez)Cartagena, Colombia (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Norma Gòmez)

A 54 year old Dutch woman was killed by pirates during a robbery on her sailboat in Columbia on Saturday. Her husband escaped unharmed.

Colombian police confirmed to the Telegraaf that the robbery happened on Saturday night. Six men boarded the sailboat at the Rosario Islands, a Caribbean archipelago off the coast of the tourist city of Cartagena. The woman, from Heino, sustained a fatal blow to the head and the suspects fled with about 60 euros.

The husband was in the bathroom at the time of the robbery and was not injured in any way. He notified the Colombian police, who have launched a manhunt for the suspects.