Amsterdam to limit number of B&Bs

Schiphol Airport station in Amsterdam
A crowded train platform at Schiphol Airport with many headed to Amsterdam on King's Day. 27 April 2018Zack NewmarkNL Times

Amsterdam wants to limit the number of Bed & Breakfasts in the city. The municipality is therefore making it compulsory for anyone who wants to open a B&B to get a permit. The permit will also state how many rooms may be rented out as holiday accommodation, the city said in a statement. 

According to the municipality, the number of B&Bs in the city is increasing rapidly, partly due to the strict rules the city maintains for holiday rentals through sites like Airbnb. "There is now no restriction on the number of B&Bs in the city. And that is necessary to prevent that many homes are partly used as a hotel. Homes are primarily intended to live in. In addition, we want Amsterdam to remain a livable city for Amsterdammers", the city said. 

The permit obligation will be included in the new Housing Regulation that goes into effect on January 1st, 2020. This regulation applies to all homes in the municipality. 

The new permit policy may have far-reaching consequences for people who already have a B&B, as they will not automatically get a permit, the city acknowledged. There will therefore be an "appropriate transition period" for people who registered having a B&B before November 9th. Exactly how long this transitional period will be, is not yet clear.