Gelderland institution makes kids sit still, stay quiet for hours as punishment

Stock photo teen on stone wall
Stock photo of a teen sitting against a stone Wokandapix / Pixabay

Youth care institution De Hoenderloo Groep multiple times punished children in its care by making them sit completely still and not make a sound for hours on end, the institution confirmed to RTL Nieuws. "The punitive measure has been used before. We are working on a change of procedure", the institution said to the broadcaster.

The punishment was used in residential groups in Deelen. The young people who live there were placed there by a court and have serious behavioral problems. The punished children had to serve their punishment in the shared living room, while their peers enjoyed free time around them. 

Parents complained about the punishment method to De Stentor. They believe that the measures are bordering on abuse of power and child abuse. Experts told the newspaper that the punishment is in violation of the law and that the children don't get anything out of this type of punishment.

De Hoenderloo Groep said that this method was used "incidentally", but is no longer applied, according to RTL Nieuws.