Ban on assembly implemented after explosion on houseboat in Dutch village

Dutch police crime scene tape
Dutch police crime scene tapePhoto: Politie

Mayor Carla Breuer of the municipality of Teylingen implemented an assembly ban for the area around the municipal harbor in the village of Warmond, the recreational island Koudenhoorn and the waters around it. This follows an explosion on a houseboat in the harbor on Sunday and several incidents of vandalism in the area over the past months, Omroep West reports.

The resident of the houseboat was injured in the explosion and had to be hospitalized. The police are still investigating the cause of the explosion. The houseboat was vandalized in the past and the resident threatened, according to the broadcaster. In October, the car windows of the houseboat's owner were also broken.

Some local residents blame the explosion on a group of young men, who have been causing problems in the are for some time. Before the summer the police implemented restraining orders on a number of people, banning them from entering the area. Rest returned to the neighborhood for a while, until those restraining orders lapsed. Early in September reports started coming in again about young people causing problems, according to Omroep West. 

Extra cameras were installed at the harbor following previous vandalism to the houseboat. The police are currently studying the footage from those cameras. Investigators call on witnesses to come forward. 


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