Data protection project wins NEO Hackathon

Participants in the NEO Hackathon event in the Netherlands, 18 & 19 Oct 2018
Participants in the NEO Hackathon event in the Netherlands, 18 & 19 Oct 2018Photo: NEO

The G-Team won the NEO Hackathon in Rotterdam and Delft earlier this month with their project "GDPR with NEO". Team members Niels Beukers and Serge Hendrickx walked away with 500 NEO, worth around 7,100 euros at the time. Buekers and Hendrickx's "GDPR with NEO" project aims to integrate the General Data Protection Regulation with blockchain to better protect user privacy and provide solutions for data storage. 

Second place went to Stefan Ladage and Daniel De Witte, who developed a game point circulation platform based on NEO blockchain, which aims to provide more players with a platform to experience NEO games. 

Third place went to two projects. The "PubSci project" aims to protect authors' copyrights and help them benefit from blockchain, while also lowering readers' costs. "NEO nep-5 Token Smart Contract in Go" wants to create a peer to peer market for real world items with a built-in hosting system that allows sellers to sell items by making an offer on blockchain.

The Hackathon was organized by NEO in conjunction with Dutch telecom company KPN and the Delft University of Applied Sciences. Around 40 developers, ranging from students to experienced developers, from the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Ukraine participated in the event. 

"We will pay close attention to the award-winning projects of the Hackathon and may invite them to participate in the second NEO DevCon", NEO said.