Divers find 1877 shipwreck near Texel

A diving team found the wreck of a two-master near Texel which has been identified as the SS Nordlyset. The cargo ship sank during a storm in 1877 while transporting a load of grain from Riga to Antwerp, NOS reports.

The ship encountered problems near Texel during a severe north-westerly storm on December 15th, 1877. It sank almost immediately. Several rescue workers from Den Helder were killed during a rescue operation for the crew of the ship. Of the 23 people who ended up in the water, nine drowned. The others made it to shore.

Divers from Northseadivers now located the freighter at the Noordehaaks, a sandbar between Den Helder and Texel. The shipping company under which the Nordlyset sailed still exists. According to the divers, the company is enthusiastic about the discovery.