Campaign launched for smoke-free playgrounds, zoos, pools

Cigarettes (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Kiwiev)Cigarettes (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Kiwiev)

The Netherlands Smoke Free Alliance launched a new campaign to "protect children against tobacco smoke and the temptation to smoke". The alliance, consisting of cancer society KWF, the Heart Foundation and the Lung Fund, wants smoking bans in places children frequent, like playgrounds, zoos and swimming pools, RTL Nieuws reports.

The alliance is delighted that 550 sports clubs maintain smoking bans, but that's not enough. Parents themselves have to work on protecting their children against smoking. "Because unfortunately seeing smoking means starting smoking", the alliance said.

The campaign involves an online petition where parents and others can indicate which parks, playgrounds and other kids-friendly areas should be smoke-free. "Everybody can actually take action themselves: via the new online platform With the press of a button you let us know which play areas, sports fields and playgrounds in your neighborhood must become smoke-free", the alliance said. 

A recent study by Kantar Public, commissioned by KWF, showed that at least 8 out of 10 Dutch want smoking bans in places where children play sports, play or go to school, according to the alliance. But in 2014 some 100 thousand children under the age of 4 years lived in a house where people smoked. 


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